Accountability and Accuracy With Industrial Equipment and Supplies

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Commercial HVAC: Promoting Sustainability and Reducing Your Energy Costs


Commercial HVAC systems are energy-intensive appliances for every business. Unfortunately, a lot of energy which is directed towards the operation of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning components is wasted. You should consider reviewing your HVAC system to reduce the wastage of energy in your business. This action will promote sustainability in the corporate world. Also, reducing your total energy consumption can help you reduce your company expenses. Consider the outlined guidelines to help you reduce your HVAC energy usage:

Invest in Programmable HVAC Thermostats

HVAC systems consume a lot of energy when the thermostats installed are the traditional ones. The employees will keep changing the settings because each has their preferred temperature. Moreover, the variations in the seasons often result in the use of extreme thermostat settings which lead to high energy consumption. You can resolve this problem by installing a programmable thermostat. This device can be pre-set to operate at specific constant temperatures during the office hours, depending on the season. Also, you can program the thermostat to turn off during weekends to conserve energy. If you have computers or other sensitive machines in the space, you can keep the AC on during hot seasons. 

Seal the Heating and Cooling Ducts

You should think about sealing your old ducting system to prevent heat exchange when the air is conveyed. In simple terms, if your ducts are not completely sealed, you will lose cooled or heated air. This loss means that your appliances will have to work harder to maintain the set temperature. The process of sealing the ductwork is simple as long as you find the right HVAC technician. In most cases, the problems can be resolved using mastic or foil tape or even blow-in duct sealants. You should also consider upgrading the insulation to prevent heat loss or gain across the ductwork walls. 

Upgrade Your HVAC System

If your building has an old HVAC system, you should consider upgrading some of the components or replacing the appliances altogether. In the past, manufacturers were not highly concerned with energy conservation, and the quality control systems were not stringent. Therefore, you cannot compare the electricity consumed when running an old appliance versus operating modern energy-efficient alternatives. If you cannot afford a replacement, think about other options. For example, replacing HVAC components such as heat pumps or retrofitting the system with advanced controls and sensors will have a positive effect on sustainability and operational costs. 

Finally, you should commission regular inspections for early detection of problems. Contact a commercial air conditioning service for more information and assistance. 


11 September 2017