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Essential Features to Look for in a Rainwater Tank Pump


Purchasing a rainwater tank is an excellent way to utilize rainwater for some household needs such as cooking, cleaning, and watering your grass or garden. Using rainwater can significantly reduce your utility bills during the rainy season. One of the essential components of a rainwater tank is the pump. A good-quality rainwater tank pump should be durable, sturdy, and it should supply water at the ideal pressure. Since there are different pumps on the market today, you need to look out for the following features.

Water pressure rate

Water pressure is usually measured in liters per minute (LPM), and it determines the flow rate of water in your household. Powerful pumps have a high LPM while less powerful ones have a low one. The ideal type of pump depending on its pressure rate will be determined by the users of the rainwater tank. For example, if you use the water for toilets, showers, or to run your garden hose, you may need a powerful pump with a high maximum LPM to ensure water is pumped to these areas efficiently.

Automatic switching 

A pump with an automated switch makes it easy to turn the water on and off, especially if you have connected the pump to an indoor plumbing system. Automation, in this case, means that when a faucet is turned on, the pump automatically switches on and supplies water to the household. When the taps are turned off, the pump also turns off. There are manual pumps that have to be manually switched on and off; however, the process is exhausting, and it is highly likely for you to forget.

Run-dry protection

The run-dry feature is essential for rainwater pumps as it prevents the pump from running when there is no water in the tank. If the pump does run, some components can easily get damaged. The run-dry protection feature is particularly suitable for rainwater tanks used in drought-affected regions. Since it's hard to know the exact time you will run out of water so as to switch off the pump, this feature will protect the pump when it happens.

Submersible configuration

The noise generated by running pumps can be annoying especially of the tank is on the roof or the side of your house. Most noisy pumps are those that are installed independently outside the water pump. The quietest type of rainwater tank pump is the submersible pump. Although it generates noise during operation, the sounds are muffled by the water in the tank.

Rainwater tanks offer an alternative source of water for use within your household even during a water shortage. Observe these tips when buying your tank pump so that you can get the most value out of it.


12 August 2016