Accountability and Accuracy With Industrial Equipment and Supplies

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Questions You Might Have About Renting Scaffolding for Home Use


You can actually rent scaffolding for use at home without being a licensed or professional contractor. These pieces can make it safer for you to manage painting or repairs at any elevated height. If you do want to work on your home's roof, chimney, siding, or elevated ceiling inside the home, note a few questions you might have about renting scaffolding so you know what's involved in the process.

Does the scaffolding stay secure on windy days?

Worrying about scaffolding on windy days or keeping it secure even in the best weather is a good thing; you want to ensure you know how to lock the casters or wheels in place and erect the pieces properly before you even leave the rental agency. However, if you're still worried about exterior work, note that many pieces of scaffolding will have anchors that you can attach to the roof of your home and which help the scaffolding to stay secure.

Some pieces might also have extension arms; these are like extra legs that extend out from the base of the scaffolding and which stay flat on the ground to keep the scaffolding secure. If you'll be working in a windy area or are concerned about keeping the scaffolding secure, ask about this type when you're ready to rent.

What is the difference between interior and exterior scaffolding?

Don't assume that interior and exterior scaffolding are interchangeable; interior scaffolding will usually have lighter caster wheels or no wheels at all, so they don't mark up your home's flooring. Exterior scaffolding is usually heavier so it stays in place more readily, and the wheels are often thicker with deeper tread. These might leave black marks on your interior floors or tear up your carpeting. Only choose the variety you need for your work when opting between interior and exterior scaffolding.

Why can't a regular ladder be hooked to the scaffolding?

You may have been told by the rental agency that you shouldn't put your own home ladder against the scaffolding; this is because the scaffolding is not meant to securely hold a standard ladder. Some scaffolding pieces are designed with an interior ladder and these are part of the piece itself, so the ladder won't slide out from underneath you when you climb the scaffolding. Using your own home ladder can be dangerous and also cause damage to the scaffolding, so avoid trying to hook it to the side or lean it against the scaffolding when it's erect.


16 June 2016