Accountability and Accuracy With Industrial Equipment and Supplies

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How to Select the Best Service Company for Your Industrial Equipment


More technology is now available to keep track of various aspects of a company's performance. You should take advantage of those technological advancements as you evaluate different service companies so that you select the best one to service the industrial equipment in your factory. This article discusses some of the information that owners of factories should request the competing PM service companies to provide during the process of selecting a firm to provide preventive maintenance for factory equipment.

Records of Response Time

Many firms that service industrial equipment have scheduling software that helps them to keep track of how quickly their technicians reach clients when a service call is made. It is important for you to request this information so you will be able to tell which company will respond quickly when a machine fails at your factory. You can also get a fairly accurate idea about the likely travel costs that you may incur for those service technicians.

A delayed response may suggest that the technician has to travel a long distance in order to reach your industrial complex. The alternative explanation for a delayed response may be poor scheduling of technicians by the dispatcher of that company. Overall, you stand a good chance of getting exceptional service from a company with a record of speedy responses to client calls.

Average Repair Times

You should also look at the records of how long it takes the technicians to repair equipment that is similar to what you have in your industrial complex. Why is this important? First, it has a direct bearing on the billable hours that you will pay for each time a technician comes over. Secondly, it gives you an insight into how competent the technicians are at quickly diagnosing and fixing defects. Pick a service company that has the quickest average repair times.

A Comparison Between PM Work and Emergency Work

Exceptional industrial equipment service companies may have more preventive maintenance work that they do in comparison to reactive work done to resolve an emergency problem. It is therefore advisable for you to select a company whose work is tilted towards PM work instead of emergency repair work. This is because such a company will devote most of its effort towards preventing problems from occurring at your industrial complex.

Some of the companies that may bid to provide PM services for your factory equipment may protest that the information that you want them to give you is confidential. In case you encounter such an argument, respond by asking them to give you a list of some of their past or current clients. You can then ask those clients to share their experiences so that you gauge how that service company rates on the performance indicators in the discussion above. Your efforts in this regard will pay off because you will select the best service company for your industrial equipment.


8 June 2016