Accountability and Accuracy With Industrial Equipment and Supplies

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Why Two Way Radios May Be a Better Option Than Cell Phones


The convenience of cell phones may make some owners of industrial complexes think that those devices are the best option to use within the industrial setting when compared to two-way radios. However, two-way radios have some distinct advantages that may make them a better choice for conducting communication within the industrial setting. This article discusses some of those advantages. Use this information as you select the most appropriate mode of communication for employees within your industrial complex.


Cell phones can be very delicate devices that may easily shatter when an employee in a busy industrial complex accidentally drops them. Many of them can also be irreparably damaged once they drop into water. Two-way radios are usually more rugged when compared to cell phones. The two-way radios can cope well with exposure to moisture as well as resist the impact of being dropped. This sturdiness makes two-way radios a better choice for meeting the communication needs of an industrial setting.


One needs to subscribe to a call plan from the several options available from cell phone companies. Those call plans may have to be paid for periodically, such as each month. Additional costs are usually incurred once the call plan limit is exceeded. This can make the cost of using cell phones in an industrial setting very expensive. However, two-way radios do not cost as much to use. There are no monthly charges once you have purchased the two-way radios and a user licence (if needed). This makes two-way radios a more affordable communication method for an industrial setting so that profits can be maximised.

Ease of Use

Two-way radios are also easier to use when compared to cell phones. For instance, one just needs to turn on the radio to know what other people in the group are sharing. Cell phones, on the other hand, require you to dial several numbers  to connect with different people during a single conference call. This can be tedious and time consuming. Additionally, there is a wait period as a call is going through on a cell phone. Two-way radios allow instant access once they are turned on. Thus, two-way radios offer a better alternative when you want to communicate within the industrial complex without taking a lot of time.

Many two-way radios now have capabilities, such as instant messaging, that were once the preserve of cell phones. You should therefore have no qualms about purchasing these devices for your employees. Contact suppliers of two-way radios so that you get information on which particular models can meet the communication needs of your industrial complex employees.


7 June 2016