Accountability and Accuracy With Industrial Equipment and Supplies

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Benefits and Drawbacks of Plastic Pallets In Comparison To Wood


Whether you are looking to transport goods or keep them in storage, pallets would be an ideal choice. Generally, most people opt for wooden pallets since they tend to be the most reasonably priced option that you can get in the market.  However, plastic pallets are proving to offer up more benefits when compared to their wooden counterparts. The following are some of the benefits, as well as drawbacks, of plastic pallets in comparison to wooden pallets. 

Plastic pallets do not require heat-treating

If you are considering shipping your goods internationally and opt to use wooden pallets, you would have to ensure that these wooden pallets are heat treated beforehand. This heat-treating process slows down the speed at which your goods will be shipped. Plastic pallets, on the other hand, are ready for use whether nationally or internationally. This could potentially provide you with a faster delivery time since they do not need to undergo additional processes before they are ready for shipping. 

Plastic pallets are durable

One of the main advantages of plastic pallets is their durability. Wooden pallets do not have high impact resistance, and as such they are prone to cracking and breaking when used severally. In addition to this, wooden pallets are susceptible to rotting and warping when exposed to moisture. The structural integrity of plastic pallets is not easily compromised, making them a durable option for your needs. 

Plastic pallets are lightweight

When compared to wooden pallets, plastic pallets tend to be much lighter in weight. However, their lightweight nature does not compromise on their innate strength. Their lightweight nature also makes for much easier handling with shipping operators. Lastly, if your shipment is being charged in accordance to its weight, you will find that you may have to pay more for your goods when using wooden pallets as compared to plastic pallets. 

Drawbacks of plastic pallets over wood

Despite their numerous benefits, plastic pallets are not without their drawbacks. For one, plastic pallets are much harder to fix when they break. Wooden pallets can easily have one of the sides replaced with a new wooden panel but if a plastic pallet breaks, it typically means the end of its lifespan. Another drawback of plastic pallets is that they tend to be much more costly when compared to wooden pallets. If you are shipping goods on a tight budget, wooden pallets may be the more economical option for your needs. 


31 May 2016